20 Best Beaches of Albany...

Anywhere you go in Albany, you will always find beautiful, breath-taking coastline and pristine beaches. There are 20 great beaches you must visit when staying in Albany...

Nannarup Beach

Nannarup beach is approximately 30km from Albany city centre with white sand and stairway access at the western end where the Taylor Inlet discharges into the ocean.

Emu Point

Emu Point is located a few kilometres from Albany city centre. The Point itself is a rocky groyne with views over King George Sound and Middleton Beach from the northern end.

Middleton Beach

Middleton Beach is closest to Albany city centre, and has become one of the most popular beaches. Sheltered from the largest waves by the islands and headlands of King George Sound, it is ideal for swimming and snorkelling. There is even a pontoon (floating platform) out in the bay for jumping into the water, and the beach also has a shark net section of the beach for safer swimming.

Little Beach

Voted one of the top 10 beaches in WA on Tripadvisor, Little Beach is a beautiful white beach in the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, 35km east of Albany. Boasting turquoise waters, white squeeky sand and large waves making Little Beach a must-see for travellers to the region.

Two Peoples Bay

Is located approximately 25km east of Albany, perfect for fishing or taking out the tinny.

Waterfall Beach

Waterfall Beach is a short walk over the headland from the south side of Little Beach in the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve.

Ledge Beach

Boiler Bay Beach and Ledge Beach are approximately 25km from Albany city centre in the Gull Rock National Park, boasting some of the most beautiful white sands along King George Sound & Oyster Harbour.

Betty's Beach

Betty's Beach in Manypeaks is a beautiful swimming beach and sheltered cove area.

Frenchman Bay

Frenchman Bay is located on the southern side of King George Sound. Below its water lies the HMAS Perth diving wreck. Frenchman Bay has a beautiful picnic area with barbeques as well as a boat launch - ideal for relaxing, eating and having a quiet day out.

Goode Beach

The white sand makes the waters of Goode Beach look crystal clear. Great for swimming and a lot of fish. When the wind is from the west you are sheltered, but easterly winds make it good for windsurfing.

Misery Beach

Misery Beach extends 200 metres east of the whaling station to a low granite point. It is a low energy reflective beach with patchy seagrass offshore.

Jimmy Newells

Jimmy Newells Harbour in Torndirrup National Park is a tranquill little bay not far from the Gap and Natural Bridge. The lookout provides a breathtaking view of the harbour and great southern ocean.

Salmon Holes

Salmon Holes is located in Torndirrup National Park along the northern end of Isthmus Bay. The beach is reached by descending a windy staircase from the car park.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach has a giant boulder which was lifted by the force of the waves and placed onto the stones. Looking at this boulder sitting in the middle of Cable Beach, again we are reminded of the power of the Southern Ocean.

Mistaken Island

Mistaken Island is just off the Vancouver Peninsula. Just a short drive from Albany along Frenchman Bay Road near Camp Quarranup.

Sand Patch

The discontinuous 9.5km long beach represents the remnants of a once more robust and continuous beach that extended 17km from Sharp Point to Hanging Rock.

Muttonbird Beach

Muttonbird Beach is located approximately 17km west of Albany and is a popular for fishing with 4WD access. Good open water dive spot and surfing location.

Cosy Corner

Lies just north of West Cape Howe National Park, approximately half way between Albany and Denmark. A gorgeous beach that is just off the beaten track.

Shelley Beach

Shelley Beach in West Cape Howe is a beautiful and powerful beach along the waters of Torbay. The turquoise waters, verdant surrounds and ocean breeze make this beach a popular yet remote destination.

Lowlands Beach

Lowlands Beach lies between West Cape Howe and the Wilson Inlet in the Torbay area of coastline. It's a beautiful beach, tucked in between towering limestone cliffs.